For those who demand quality

Handcrafted in Melbourne
by Chai Walli

chai walli / ch-eye wah-lee / noun
an Indian term given to a female chai maker


    My name is Uppma, but they call me the Chai Walli. Since I was born I’ve smelt the aromas of chai spices being crushed and brewed. My Grandad is a natural medicine doctor who used to make his own chai blends at his dispensary in Northern India. I used to listen to him talk of spices and how chai can be a healing remedy. But one day he stopped making his chai blends. That’s where I stepped in to keep the tradition alive.

    Chai is a sacred ritual in the Indian culture. The art of blending and making chai is natural to me – it’s a part of who I am. I believe everything good must be shared, so I’ve created Chai Walli to share my knowledge and love of authentic chai.

    The signature Chai Walli blend has 11 of the finest quality spices and is available as caffeine free and also as a mixed black tea alternative. I use Ayurvedic principles to proportion the spices to create the most perfectly balanced chai.

    100% Natural Ingredients
    Vegan & Celiac Friendly
    Caffeine Free Option
    No Artificial Flavours
    No Preservatives
    No Sugar

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